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Folsom, California Home Values

The city of Folsom is located in Sacramento County, California and is home to over 79,000 people.
  • 154 homes have sold in Folsom in the past 3 months.
  • The average home in Folsom sold for $773,400
  • Home prices have dropped here by 3.0% in the past 3 months.

Folsom Home Values by Neighborhood

Neighborhood Average Sale Price Total Sales (2 months)
Briggs Ranch $766,400 17 Sales
Empire Ranch $850,900 14 Sales
American River Canyon North $976,200 10 Sales
Lakeview Oaks $1,216,800 8 Sales
American River Canyon $944,200 10 Sales
Folsom Heights / Steeplechase $704,000 9 Sales
Blue Ravine Oaks / Los Cerros $680,500 9 Sales
Broadstone $652,400 9 Sales
Willow Creek Estates $909,200 6 Sales
Parkway $775,500 7 Sales
Prairie Oaks $769,300 7 Sales
Natomas Heights / Sierra Woods $518,200 10 Sales
     Plus, ZipVal's Home Value Estimator supports 4 other neighborhoods in Folsom.

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