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Accuracy is essential. We've got you covered.

An accurate Home Value Estimate can unlock financial doors, give you peace of mind, and help you decide when it's time to sell. We built our highly accurate, proprietary home valuation formulas from the ground up to bring you unparalleled levels of accuracy. But we didn't stop there - we are the first automated home value estimator to include free expert quality review with every estimate we generate.

Continuous Formula Improvement

We keep our proprietary valuation formulas fresh in 3 steps:

A drawn hand writing something with a pencil.
We hand review every ZipVal we generate and update our formulas to constantly improve them. We can even notify you if we find an error.
A green moneybag.
We analyze thousands of local, recent sales against what our formula would have valued each property at, and revise our formulas based on the results.
A red triangle with a yellow exclamation point inside of it, symbolizing a problem report.
We take Incorrect Value Reports seriously, and hand investigate every one we get.

But, Robots...

At the end of the day, we're relying on robots to be able to generate your ZipVal Home Value estimate in seconds, and they don't always do what they're told.

A picture of a poor, dead robot with a wrench lolling out of its mouth and a computer screen on its chest showing a heartbeat that is now flat-lined. RIP Robot.

It happens quite rarely, but sometimes our formulas aren't able to estimate your property on their own, or they do produce a ZipVal but it's significantly different from the correct ZipVal. Luckily, we have a backup plan:

Humans to the Rescue

A live human being, ZipVal Superhero coming to the rescue. He's dressed in a red and blue cape and has the Z from ZipVal as a logo on his chest.

What sets ZipVal apart from other Home Value Estimators is that our local (human) Real Estate experts review every ZipVal we generate for accuracy. If we find a mistake, we'll send you a Correction Notice in 24-48 hours.

Plus, On-Site Verification

A faceless figure inspecting a small green house with a magnifying glass.

Want an even higher level of accuracy? You can also request free on-site verification. We'll assess your home's layout, characteristics, selling points, and condition in person, then use those details to bring our highest level of accuracy possible. Our 10-20 minute ZipVal Review appointment is the most accurate way to estimate your unique property.

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